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Give The Irish Devil To A Friend for the Holidays!

DonnaFletcher TheIrishDevilCollection 2DFace 800The Irish Devil Collection is once again available for a limited time. From now, through Christmas you can get The Irish Devil, Irish Hope, and the short story One Night of Love & the Hobgoblin for only $2.99. Buy it for a relative, friend, follow romance reader, whoever at any of the following retailers and set it up a delivery date for it.

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Here’s a description of the collection…

The Irish Devil

In 11th century Ireland lives an infamous warrior born of an Irish mother and a Viking father, a fierce and unforgiving soul known as the Irish Devil. For his services to the King of Ireland, Eric of Shanekill is promised a bride and given a choice of Lord William’s three daughters. None appeal to the mighty warrior… until he meets Faith, the shunned daughter of Lord William.

Faith is as kind as she is beautiful. Spurned by her father and stepmother for having had the audacity to survive a vicious attack that left her with a telltale scar, she now gives to others what was once denied to her… a caring heart and a healing touch.

Can the beauty tame the devil, or will he lead her into sin?


Irish Hope

Lady Hope is an ancestor of the high king of Ireland and has a spirited soul that is set on adventure before she must settle into an arranged marriage. Disguised as a lad and accompanied by her faithful, though cowardly dog Lady Gwyneth, Hope sets out on her journey. Only to discover that adventure can be dangerous… to the heart.

Colin of Shanekill can charm any woman into his bed and conquer any warrior in battle. But true love has eluded him, or has he eluded love? While on a mission for the Irish Devil to find Lady Hope a spoiled aristocrat who ran away from responsibility, he comes across a young lad, Harold, in dire need of help. He takes charge of him, seeing to his care and teaches him what it takes to become a man and what it takes to charm a woman.

Once identities are discovered can Colin charm and tempt the impetuous Lady Hope, or will she teach him to finally love?


One Night of Love & the Hobgoblin

Eric of Shanekill wants a night of love with his wife, but a pesky hobgoblin has struck the forest and village churning up unrest and worries. Until he can capture it and send it on its way, he will have no peace. Then the pesky creature attacks Faith and that ends it. Eric goes on the hunt to capture and bring an end to him. But it does not turn out quite as Lord Eric plans.

Buy it now and check one person off your holiday list!

Holiday Hugs


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