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Take a stroll through the Highlands & my books...

I take a walk through Scotland, through pics, every now and then.  Some places feed my imagination for future books while other scenes remind me of books already written. So I thought I’d take you along with me on this brief stroll.

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This snowy pic  fits a scene perfectly in the last book of the Warrior King series Wed To A Highland Warrior. And of course the snow needs to fall so that the true king can meet his fate.









This scene could be from any number of my Highland books, though I think of Isle of Lies when I see it. I picture Moira and Ian on their way home from the Abbey to start a new life, though neither know what they’re in for. 🙂







Now this cottage is reminiscent of the place in Love Me Forever. When Royce and Brianna are tucked away all by themselves and yet strangers to each other.






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This fits a scene in one of my books in the Silent series. It’s an important place to the heroine Dawn, a place she can escape to when needed.





Thanks for joining me on this stroll. We’ll have to do it again some time. 🙂

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