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The Witch Hunter


The Witch Hunter ... fifth & final excerpt

Hypatia hurried up the stairs in the Bothwell townhouse before anyone knew of her return.  She had barely twenty minutes to get ready for a dinner party at the Fiddletons.  She was growing tired of the never-ending string of dinner parties and soirees.  She would much prefer a solitary evening of reading or recording in her daily journal, while enjoying…

The Witch Hunter...fourth excerpt

Simon was quick to reach for the doorknob. “Allow me.” He opened the door and followed her in remaining close behind her the pathway too narrow to walk alongside her. The small room was stacked with furniture and objects that Simon was certain had found their way to the shop by no legal means. Servants often stole from their masters…

The Witch Hunter... third excerpt

With his patience eroding rather rapidly Simon stepped out of his carriage and walked up High Street in the old town section of Edinburgh. The bright spring day was lost to him as he turned down one of the many narrow alleys that ran like tentacles off High Street. He had risen early this morning, had seen to paperwork before…

The Witch Hunter... second excerpt

If you haven't red the first excerpt yet go here before reading this one. ~~~ “Inspector Douglas, do what do I owe this visit?” Simon asked upon entering his study. “My apologies for disturbing you, Lord Peregrim, but I believe I am in immediate need of your expertise.” “Sit and tell me how I may be of help.” Simon pointed…

A Change of Pace... The Witch Hunter... Hypatia's Journal

I'm busy finishing up Renegade Love and working on the third book in the Highlander Trilogy so while I'm doing that I thought you might enjoy a little change of pace. A while back I posted the prologue and first chapter of The Witch Hunter, my Scottish historical romance/paranormal/mystery set in the late 1800s, that I've been working on. Over…