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A Change of Pace... The Witch Hunter... Hypatia's Journal

I’m busy finishing up Renegade Love and working on the third book in the Highlander Trilogy so while I’m doing that I thought you might enjoy a little change of pace. A while back I posted the prologue and first chapter of The Witch Hunter, my Scottish historical romance/paranormal/mystery set in the late 1800s, that I’ve been working on. Over the next few days I’m going to post some excerpts and hopefully stir your interest.

I’m going to start it off today with an excerpt from Hypatia’s journal. The entry gives you a bit of insight to her and the journey she is about to embark on.

After reading it you might want to read the prologue and first chapter of The Witch Hunter if you haven’t already done so. You can find both here.

And now enjoy an entry from Hypatia’s journal…


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September 8, 1895

Tomorrow I leave for Scotland from the Port of New York. I cannot contain my excitement. It will be a grand adventure for sure. I believe I have packed a sufficient wardrobe considering I have been warned that with numerous society functions to attend I will require at least three costumes a day. Though I see no difference between a walking costume and a calling costume, and then there is the dinner gown and the ball gown.

My poor Uncle Theo teases that I will sink the steamship Campania for sure with my many overly-burdened trunks. He remains under the impression that we undertake this trip to find me a titled husband, while I have an entirely different agenda in mind. My insatiable interest in the occult is why I embark on this journey. I have been advised by close associates, with identical interest, that Europe is where I should now study.

My fondest wish is to gain as much knowledge about the mystical arts as possible with hope of making use of my wisdom in the future. How exactly I will do that, I am not certain, though I have no doubt I will discover the path I should travel, or perhaps forge one where no one else has dared to tread.

I have never been one to deter from my course. Tenacious to the point of being dubbed a difficult woman, I nonetheless stick to my goals. Sadly, something not encouraged in a woman, yet a strength my father cultivated in me.

Fatigue begins to claim me and it is important that I get a good night sleep. Our ship sets sail late morning, though Uncle Theo and I will arrive early, both of us wishing to be settled far in advance of departure. Not that I expect a problem, my father having been a close friend and investor of the Cunard family, I know their vessel is sound and their service exceptional.

It is due to my father’s brilliant investment strategies that allow me to pursue my interests without financial worry. And I am forever grateful to him, and I dearly miss him and my mother.

Until tomorrow then, when no doubt I will be filled with excitement and have much to record.


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