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Summer adventures of a romance writer...

green zucchiniYou’re probably asking yourself what zucchinis have to do with a romance writer. It all started at the outdoor, summer market. I needed a thick, good-sized zucchini, one to slice and grill on the barbecue. As I picked up a perfect one, my recent hero popped into my head and said, “It is time to couple.”

My response, “It’s too soon for sex.” Of course I didn’t
realize I’d said it aloud while holding the large zucchini out to the young man behind the make-shift counter. He stared at me speechless and my cheeks turned bright red. A woman standing close by laughed and said, “It’s never too soon for sex, sweetie.”

Another voice joined in, male this time, and he agreed with the woman. The young man looked ready to run. I quickly explained that I was a romance author and my characters often talked to me in my head and while it all made perfect sense to me, I didn’t think the young man was buying it until the woman asked the name I wrote under and googled it. Once he saw a pic of me on my website, he relaxed and smiled and was only too glad to help the not-so-crazy lady. He also told me, in a low voice, that I should listen to my hero.

So did I listen to my hero? You’ll find that out in The King’s Warrior, 2nd book in the Pict King Series coming in September.

And so the adventures of a romance writer continue.

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7 years ago

Lol!! Oh my gosh this sounds like something that I would do. (The whole answering the voices in your head outloud) can’t wait for the next book. Hope your summer was good!

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