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Never-ending adventures of a romance writer...

shell on beach LBI 2016A walk on the beach got me upset. It started off wonderful, a beautiful, warm, sunny day and early enough that there were no crowds. I had just come across the shell in this pic and was about to pick it up when Dawn (heroine from my Highlander Trilogy) popped into my head. Her hands gestured quickly, warning me not to pick it up. That some things are best left as they are. Clearly, there was much more she wished to say and I plopped down on the sand to communicate the best I could with my heroine who had no voice.

I marveled at how much she had grown in subsequent books since I first wrote about her in Highlander Unchained and it bothered me to see her so upset. She was aware that Cree had come to me and told me of a dangerous mystery that was brewing and that he feared she would jump head first into it. And she let me know that he was right. When she started telling me about it and what could come of it if it was not solved, I began to worry. This was a serious problem, one that could tear the loving couple apart. I could not let that happen and I tried to assure Dawn of that, but like the powerful Highlander and loving husband that Cree is, he showed up to comfort and reassure his wife, his arm going around her to ease her close against him. As they walked away, Dawn glanced back at me with fear in her eyes. Their fate was in my hands.

It definitely would take another full length novel to solve this troubling mystery and to keep Cree & Dawn from losing….everything!

Look for a new full length Cree & Dawn novel coming in 2017 and watch for more adventures of a romance writer.

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7 Comments on "Never-ending adventures of a romance writer…"

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So excited! I cannot wait for Dawn and Cree’s new story.


Another full length novel about Cree and Dawn?!!! Can’t wait to pre-order! Thank you Ms. Fletcher :)

pam simmering

Would love it. But it needs to be at least 300 pages. Tired of the short stories!


I can’t wait!!! I love Cree and Dawns continuing story!


I love Cree and Dawns love story, can’t wait to read the next instalment of this wonderful saga. But I also want to hear what happens to Sloans love story.

anita Negrete

I can’t wait love your books, how they take me away to another place. Your so talented and a true gift. Thank you so much. I’ll keep watch not so patiently waiting lol.