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Settling in to some serious writing...

After taking some time off and dealing with the flu, I’m settling back into some serious writing time. My heroes have been more patient than I have while on this hiatus. Scenes have been dancing around in my head, expanding and growing in leaps and bounds and as my hands hit the keyboard for the first time in weeks they flew across it nonstop.

The time away from my writing actually worked well for me. It allowed me to rejuvenate my own creatives juices while giving me much needed rest. I don’t think we realize how hard we push ourselves. We get on a treadmill, so to speak, and just keep going and going and going. It’s good to take a break now and again, do something out of the routine, regroup, refresh, concentrate on something else entirely. Which isn’t easy for me since I’m usually writing whether it’s my books or in my journals.

I learned, actually I remembered, just how invigorating stillness can be. To sit and do nothing is quite freeing and relaxing. A cup of tea, a comfortable chair, a pleasant view brings much contentment when you allow yourself to truly enjoy it.

So, take a mini break for yourself.


Sit in a chair, cup of tea, coffee, or wine in hand and do nothing… be content!

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6 years ago

can’t wait for some new books. I reread my books but I am so ready for new!

Billie Marshall
Billie Marshall
6 years ago

Hi Donna,
I hope that you are finally feeling better from the flu. I wanted to thank you for the 2 Valentine gifts which I just downloaded.

6 years ago

Hi Donna, I’m so very glad that you got over that flu. It’s sure some nasty stuff.
I enjoyed the Series, Highland Warriors, I’ve read the first two books a few times, then Cree and Dawns stories in between.
Just waiting for the Third books to come out.
I’ve also read and have enjoyed them so much, The Macinnes Sisters Trilogy. I find I can’t put your stories down, It’s so hard to do that.
I love the Pict Series as well. So very enjoyable. Will you be doing more of Stories of the Pict. I found them so very interesting.
I’m so glad that you were able to take that hiatus. Everyone needs to do that once in awhile. I’m just the type of person, I get one book of the set, and I have to get the others as well. That is how I am.

Love the new Website, It’s very easy to look around, and to leave comments .

I know you’re working very hard on writing. I so love your work. Thank you for the Valentines Day gift. I have both of the books. I can reread them again. Take great care, and give Cree, a good scratch behind the ears for me, and Happy Valentines Day to you too.

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