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Romance Books & The Recession

Newpow 000It seems that romance books are experiencing “recession-busting sales” according to a Canadian article. People want to feel good and what better way than to read a book with a guaranteed happy ending. But romance books are so much more than simply a happy ending. It takes good characterization, a range of emotions and a strong plot to get to that happy ending.
Ask any avid romance reader why she reads a romance and by the time she’s done telling you, you’ll hurry to the store to buy one… one she recommended.romance overflow
And while most believe it’s only women who read romances, they’d be wrong. I was doing a book signing with two other romance authors in a mall bookstore when a man walked up and asked which one of us was Donna Fletcher. I raised my hand and smiled. He told me that he loved my books and read them on the bus on his way to work. I was stunned, not only that he read them, but read them on the bus to work. And, yes, he bought my book. He made my day and he hasn’t been the only male romance reader I have had the pleasure to met.
There’s tons of great books out there to read and tons of great authors, but there’s something extra special about romance books. Once you fall in love with them, there’s no turning away. You’re hooked and I must admit, it’s not a bad addiction, not bad at all.

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15 years ago

Could not agree more in tough times I like to think of happily ever after! It’s like a balm to the soul. I read part of the Angel and the Highlander on Love gives Back, I really loved it and have already preordered it! Can’t wait to Lachlen meet his match and find out what Ronan is up to!

Donna Fletcher
Donna Fletcher
15 years ago

So glad to hear that you loved what you’ve read so far of Lachlan’s book and a big thanks for the preorder.

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