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Next Cree & Dawn Short & Looks What's $0.99!

DonnaFletcher_HighlandersRescue200Highlander’s Rescue A Cree & Dawn Short Story #4                A June release!

Cree and Dawn are about to depart on their much delayed journey to see Cree’s sister Wintra. Dawn hopes they arrive in time so she can be there for Wintra when she delivers her baby. To their surprise, Torr, Wintra’s husband, arrives looking for his wife. It seems Wintra left just before a snowstorm hit and though he followed after her when he found out she was gone, the blinding snow forced him to take shelter.

What happened to Wintra?


DonnaFletcher_HighlandersTrueLoveOn sale limited time! $0.99

Highlander’s True Love…the first Cree & Dawn Short Story to follow the Highlander Trilogy.

With the birth of the twins, Cree and Dawn have been busy and longing for some private time together. When it appears they just may finally have it, Cree is summoned to the Great Hall. He is not only angry that his time with his wife has been interrupted, but that a woman demands to see him. Cree grows more annoyed when he discovers the woman has a lad of two years with her and she claims the lad is his son.

The situation worsens when Cree tells the woman that he does not remember her and that he would certainly not forget someone as beautiful as her.  He does not realize that Dawn is standing behind him.

Is the woman telling the truth? Is the lad Cree’s son? If not, then who is she and what does she want with Cree? And what will Dawn do if the lad is Cree’s son?

Problems abound for the pair and it will take true love to see them through the ordeal.

AVAILABLE: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple.

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Petula Winmill
Petula Winmill
8 years ago

If you are ever looking for reviewers please keep me in mind. Your books are my favourite flavour.

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