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A little something about the Picts!

DonnaFletcher_TheKingsExecutioner_200pxI thought some of you might like to know a little something about the Picts, a tribal people who occupied Scotland when it was known as Alba. Many thought them savages because of their numerous tattoos, the reason they were referred to as the “painted people’. As more facts are unearthed about them through archaeological digs, findings show that the Picts may have had a more established society.

They left behind many “picture stones” carved with images (1)mysterious symbols that are found throughout Scotland today. Many of the Celtic crosses are also considered Pict stones, since after the fifth century most of the Picts converted to Christianity.

The Picts have always fascinated me and it was a mythical King that had seven sons who went on to rule the seven provinces of Alba that I based King Talon on. In The King’s Executioner, King Talon makes it clear that the Picts will never die that Pict blood will continue to run in all people throughout the land long after he and his future sons are dead. Oddly enough, DNA tests have shown that many of today’s Scots have Pict DNA in them.

I sprinkled some known facts about the Picts throughout the book, one being that the Picts were believed to go into battle completely naked. You’ll also find a character known as the Giantess. She is based on a Scottish myth, but the majority of what I’ve written about the Picts is from my imagination. Though you never know, maybe its memories I’m truly writing about. :)

I hope you enjoy reading about the mysterious Picts, forefathers of the Highlanders.


The King’s Executioner available at


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16 Comments on "A little something about the Picts!"

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Sarah Vega-Rogers

Love, love, love this book! Could not put it down, I even neglected my family and house work to finish this book. Love the characters, Paine and Anin, were too cute and perfect for words. I loved how we could feel the wanting, sorrow, pain, and need from both characters. Well done and it was totally worth the wait!
Hurry!! Write faster so we find out about Wrath and the King. Please write faster! Thanks for the story from a devoted fan. -SVR


All though I love all your books, I didn’t think any series would rival Dawn and Cree. Donna, I was wrong. I was totally immersed in the story and the characters had so much genuine emotion and love. Thank you so much for allowing me to escape (if only for a short time) to such a fascinating world after such hard week at work!!! Can’t want for your next books (being it Pict or Cree!!!) They really lift my spirits!!!


Really loved this book. Can’t wait for the next two. Everything you do is great. Keep going!!

Ok. I first got hooked on your books with the Irish Devil. So years later I discover Cree and Dawn. Now somehow I managed to get ahead of you and have to wait on the next pict book?!?!?! How could this happen? I really enjoy your books, you keep making me fall in love with all these new characters! (Although Eric will always be my favorite) thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping up your writing and all these short stories and for keeping up your Web page so I wasn’t left wondering when the next book… Read more »

I love The King’s Executioner! I tried to read slowly to make it last, but I couldn’t! I am thrilled to hear it is part of a series! Its going to be hard to wait! Your books just keep getting better and better!

Shamiso Dakwa

Loved loved loved it..


I really enjoyed reading this story. The characters were very captivating. I hope you will have a follow up short story about Anin and Paine. I haven’t liked characters this much since The Irish Devil.

Lisa McDaniel

I loved The King’s Excutioner and can’t wait for The King’s Warrior!!