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With two books, The Angel and The Highlander & Highlander’s Forbidden Bride, to go before the Sinclare brothers’ series finishes, I wasn’t surprised when new characters began introducing themselves. It started with one outrageously bold and insistent Scottish warrior. He introduced me to his three friends, who were raised together like brothers and who guard a deadly secret.
I’m thrilled to announce that Avon purchased the first two books in the four book series.
The four warriors separate on a necessary mission and unexpectedly fall in love (but then when does love ever announce itself?) in most unusual ways. The secret the four warriors share threatens not only the trust of the women they love, but love itself. I can’t wait to get to know them all better.
I’ll reveal more about the series in the coming months, but right now I’m excited that next month Lachlan’s book, The Angel and The Highlander, will be in stores April 28th. The charmer of the Sinclare brothers is about to do something he had yet planned on… fall in love. And the woman who steals his heart is far from what he expects and this time it isn’t his charm that can work magic, but love.
Then, of course, there’s more to learn about Ronan, the youngest brother who has yet to return home. Where is he? What keeps him from coming home? Could it be a woman? Love? Revenge? You’ll be hearing more from the Sinclare family as their stories all come together.
Oh! There’s also a menacing warlock demanding to be heard. So I’ll see what he has to say.
And to all those out there caught in this late winter storm, stay safe and keep warm.

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