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Late Night Movies

Have you ever been unable to sleep and out of desperation, boredom and of course sleeplessness you resort to watching a late night movie you may have otherwise skipped over? And then something strange happens. You become engrossed in it, ever so much that you now cannot, absolutely, positively go to sleep until you see how it ends.

It happened to me the other night, not the first time and I’m sure not the last. I came across a werewolf movie, not always a good choice late at night and alone. But the title caught my interest, Blood and Chocolate, and I was soon caught up in the story.

It takes place in present day Romania, Bucharest to be exact, the heroine (Agnes Bruckner) a chocolate maker by day and at night when she hunts, a beautiful wolf. The hero (Hugh Dancy) is a graphic novel illustrator and strangely enough he draws werewolves. Add a villain (Olivier Martinez) a not-so-nice werewolf and you have a basic paranormal romance story and who can resist that?

I love to see how love manages to conquer fear, though not miraculously or instantly. It’s a process not always understood by either the hero or heroine, but then isn’t that how love works? You do things you would never expect to do and damned if you know why.

I enjoyed this movie. It was one of those late night satisfying movies that allowed me to finally fall asleep believing that all was right in the world and love conquered all.
Curious, I did some research on it (the writer in me) I discovered that the movie is based on Annette Curtis Klause’s 1999 young adult novel and now I’m going to have to read it.
It’s funny how late night movies always seem to turn out to be gems you accidentally find. Does anyone have a late night movie gem to recommend?

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