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While my website continues to be a work in progress, it is up and running. More content has yet to be added, but please browse and enjoy. If you run into any snags I apologize. We’re continuing to work it all out. And if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to email me.

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Yvonne Daniels
Yvonne Daniels
3 years ago

I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading your books I have read most of them. But the Highlander Series with Cree and Dawn is my favorite . I enjoyed the Twins Series and the Sinclair Brothers Series , The Warrior King Series I’ll just say I enjoy them all

1 year ago

Hello, I was away with no Web Access while at my cabin and just missed the cutoff date of your free gift, Rebellion Bride. Is it possible to still receive this free book? My email is:
Thank you ahead of time.

Gayla Woodcock
Gayla Woodcock
9 months ago

Love your books but my all time favorite is the Cree and Dawn series… is there going to be any new stories written????

8 months ago

I just finished your Highland King series and found them so enjoyable and such a surprise that they were so good. I call those types of books The Lusty Loins stories and was truly surprised they were so well written and interesting. It is obvious you love to write about falling in love and how it affects every part of our lives. Your descriptive passages of physical love is honest and real, not titillating but meaningful to show How love works best if the couple commits to the passion Unique to loving another. I look forward to reading another series… Read more »

Karen E. Ceranowicz
Karen E. Ceranowicz
4 months ago

What is the name of the book about Raven Royden and Aaron’s sister ?????

Elizabeth Ogden
Elizabeth Ogden
6 days ago

My first time reading one of your books. A friend gave me Pledged to a HIghlander. I love it!! Didn’t feel the need to skim or skip any chapters. So much so that I can tell you there is a typo on page 209. Looking forward to book 2.