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I have various hobbies, naturally reading is high on my list, but another hobby I enjoy is rock hunting. It may seem a strange hobby to some, but interestingly enough rock hunting has its origin in Shamanism. Many shamans believe that rocks contain stories. So rock hunting isn’t about finding any rock. It’s about finding a rock that tells you a story (and what writer can resist a story?) and that’s part of the joy of rock hunting.
On a recent hunt, the day hot and humid, I ventured into a favorite woods of mine. The preponderance of trees and bushes provided shade that quickly vanquished a good portion of the humidity. With no clear path to follow I wandered over uneven terrain when suddenly I spied a rock. It was a good size rock about six inches long and two inches thick and it had many interesting markings on it.
I observe the old way of rock hunting. I don’t just grab a rock and if it’s not for me carelessly toss it to the ground. I examine where the rock sits and I try not to disturb it until I determine if it is meant for me. I then carefully pick it up, find a spot to sit and focus on the rock.
The marks and lines on the rock told me a personal story, but rocks can tell you a multitude of things, if you take the time to observe and listen.
It may seem crazy to some, but to me it lets me touch on old ways and believe as once our ancestors did.
Some rocks are meant to be kept while others are meant to be left where they are. This particular rock I brought home. It occupies a special place in my garden.
Sometimes when I’m in the woods I imagine the women of years past walking in the woods doing as I do… searching for a rock that will tell her a story.

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15 years ago

I’m glad to see someone else has this hobby. My mom used to get so tired of me coming home with rocks but I always told her they’re special 🙂

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