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My Laptop, My Trusty Companion

I’m off to the Jersey shore to visit family and friends for a few days and naturally my laptop is going along. How can it not when it’s my trusty companion. I rarely travel without it and I don’t know how I’d live without it.
When I first began writing I used a typewriter and wrote three books on it that never sold. I was thrilled when I got a word processor, and more thrilled when I sold my first book written on it. As technology advanced so did I and when I got my first laptop I was overjoyed. I don’t always like being stuck in the same place to write. And there have been times (due to unexpected moves) that if I hadn’t had a laptop I would have never met my deadline. With my laptop I’m not confined to place or time, I’m free to write wherever I please, which is a great help to me.
So while I’m away I will take my laptop and sit poolside and write. A nice change for a short time and with the cooperation of the weather. Otherwise I will find a niche somewhere for myself and curl up with my laptop, my trusty companion, and write to my heart’s content!

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