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Butterflies & Writing

Recently I was sitting outside on a beautiful summer day writing in my journal when a butterfly landed nearby. It was a lovely colored butterfly and I thought how it had taken a period of gestation before its beauty was ready to emerge.
I realized then that writing is much like a butterfly. At first you have the stirring of a story, perhaps a title or a character. You give it thought, jot down some notes then put it aside. More thoughts, more notes and more gestation. Then you begin to write, then edit, then write some more. Until before you know it an amazing story emerges.
I have several ideas gestating right now while I finish the Sinclare brothers series. I revisit them from time to time, adding notes and giving them thought. Sometimes I grow anxious and want to hurry them along, but I know I must remain patient and wait. That only in their own good time will they emerge a beautiful butterfly.

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