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More Wyrrd Witches books now available...

I’m thrilled to announce that Magical Memories and Remember The Magic are now available on Nook and Kindle.

Magical Memories

Magical Memories copy2Tempest is driving home in a blinding snowstorm when she hits a lone man walking along the road in the Scottish Highlands. After a local doctor treats his broken ankle she has no choice but to look after him and so she whisks him away to her isolated cottage.

Michael wakes to find himself in the home of the crazy woman who ran him over. He doesn’t know how he got there and stranger still is the odd symbols that cover part of the wall in the bedroom. Something certainly isn’t right and he intends to find out just what it is.

Tempest is the Ancient One… a witch of immense powers who is much sought after for her wisdom. Many years ago she had fallen in love with a warlock and though she had seen a spark of light in him it never materialized and so she had no choice but to lock him away in a spell to return at a future date.

The question… is Michael the warlock she once loved and if he is what will happen when he recalls the past and his powers return? Will evil or love triumph?

Book three of the Wyrrd Witch series.

Magical Memories buy on Nook or Kindle.


Remember The Magic

Remember the Magic1Over five hundred years ago Aunt Sydney, the patriarch of the Wyrrd witches, walked away from her true love, a brave Highlander chieftain, for reasons she has questioned through the years. Through the generosity of two powerful witches she’s given a second chance and sent back in time to her true love. But it’s the burning times she returns to and she discovers there is more magic afoot than she ever imagined.

Duncan has been haunted by the gorgeous witch since she disappeared thirteen years ago and now to see her standing in the woods… he speaks to her as if she is nothing more than a vision. But when she walks into his castle he knows she is real and so does his heart for true love is hard to deny.

Obstacles stand in the way of the couple, though passion is quick to reunite them. But what future do they have when Duncan has been promised to another, witchcraft is afoot and the burning times rages through the Highlands.

Book four of the Wyrrd Witches series.

Remember The Magic buy on Nook or Kindle.

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Lisa J
Lisa J
12 years ago

Will they be at Smashwords?

Helen Hayton
Helen Hayton
11 years ago

Merry Meet Donna,

I have just finished re-reading the entire Wyrrd Witch series and loved it, just as much as I did the first time I read it a few years ago.

I find myself wishing that you would continue the series with maybe more about the children that have been born to Dagon and Serina and Sabastion and Ali, Little Jade and Alexander, along with the twins that Temtest and Micheal were going to have. Maybe even about how Duncan coped with life in the 21st century and any children he and Sydney might have had.

I also wish to thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us.

My your writing continue to enchant all that read your stories.

Blessed Be


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