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Month of magic ending soon...

I can’t believe Halloween is only a few days away. The month has flown by but then it is a month of… magic …flying to be expected. I hope you enjoyed the two short stories and guest blogs from a couple of my characters. It’s a fun way to visit with them.

The other two books in my Wyrrd Witches series will be available on Nook and Kindle in the next few days. It’s been fun visiting with all of them again. I love the Wyrrd women. They’re eccentric, intelligent and powerful women who live their beliefs.

The Wyrrd witches will be celebrating Halloween though not with costumes and trick or treats. The Wyrrds will honor the old pagan festival called Samhain (meaning summer’s end) bidding the old year good-bye and welcoming in the New Year with open arms. They will work their magic and welcome family, friends, spirits and fairies alike to partake in the harvest. Their tables will overflow along with their hearts and it will be a holiday to remember.

Here’s an old Irish divination you can have some fun with on Halloween if you’re so inclined:

Take your shoe (one you’re wearing) and toss it over the roof of your house. If it points away from the house after landing then you’ll be sure to be traveling this year. If it points to the house then you won’t be traveling. It’s good fortune for you if the shoe is sole side down. Expect some ups and downs if it’s the opposite way. And if it gets stuck on the roof then you may have a year of feeling stuck.

To wrap up the month of Halloween Magic I’ll be announcing the winner of the contest and posting the first chapter of my Scottish, Victorian, paranormal, mystery romance due out late 2012 or early 2013.

Only a few days left of Halloween magic…

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