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Last Day of my American Collection Celebration Week... Westerns in the Works

There are some western historical romances that I’m working on in between my Highlander books. Yesterday I told you about Renegade Love, Rosalita’s story, that is part of the Ranchero series, though more appropriately should be called a trilogy. Esteban has a sister Crista who I hadn’t given much thought to. She was sent off to Spain to be educated and I wasn’t sure if I was going to have her return. But she surprised me and did return and I love her character, so she will be getting her own book. I don’t have a title for the book yet, but I’m thinking on it.

There’s also another western romance trilogy I’ve been working on now and then. It’s called the Prairie Hills Women Trilogy and is set in the Dakota Territory. It’s about three sexy, saucy and seductive women who converge on the American Frontier. Though unlikely that three so vastly different women (Mary, Beth, and Aurora) would be friends, circumstances deem otherwise. A bonding friendship develops between the three women as they share the joys and perils of life on the American Frontier.  Supportive of each other, even when disagreeing, they find their friendship invaluable and hold fast to it. They help each other through self-discovery and through the pitfalls and bliss of falling in love. In essence they become family, always there for each other.

I’ll be posting more about the Prairie Hills Women Trilogy on Saturdays in July and don’t forget about Hero Tuesdays. The next four will be highlighting my future western heroes.

This wraps up my American Collection Celebration Week. I hope you enjoyed it and look for something similar coming in September with my Highlanders.

Happy reading all!

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