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Highlanders & Gunslingers...

Highlander warriors are demanding men. They do want their stories told, which is why I’m writing more than one Highlander book at a time. Not that it’s a chore mind you.  I love my Highlanders (whoever thought I’d love men in skirts) 🙂 and couldn’t do without them. I’m also finishing up the galleys on Bryce’s book. Last step before it finally becomes a book.

I especially love spending cold winter nights with them in front of a fire, tea or wine in hand and writing (reading when there’s time) all about them. I get lost for hours. Thank goodness for my wood stack.

Highlanders, though, aren’t the only persistent heroes. There’s a gunslinger, Zac Stewart from Tame My Wild Touch, an older book of mine, who’s itching to make himself known again. I just saw the cover for his book and he’s one fit gunslinger. I’ll be posting more about him soon and also about two other older books of mine that will be available as e-books this month.

But in the meantime I’m dividing my time between Highlanders & gunslingers and enjoying every minute of it. 🙂


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Lisa J
Lisa J
12 years ago

I love Zac. Can’t wait until I can read him on my Sony. Please out him on Smashwords when they come out so I can have him right away.

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