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Highlander's Forbidden Bride

Ronan’s book has a title… Highlander’s Forbidden Bride. A very fitting title for his tale and the last book in the Sinclare brothers series. I can’t believe I’m about to start the edits on Ronan’s book. It brings me that much closer to it being finished and me saying good-bye to the Sinclares. I have so enjoyed sharing their lives.
I shouldn’t get melancholy too soon. After all, Lachlan and Alyce have their story to tell and it’s an exciting one. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a charmer like Lachlan.
So while I’m beginning the finishing touches to Ronan’s story, get set for Lachlan’s. He won’t disappoint. He may be a charmer, but he knows how to love! Of course, Alyce teaches him a thing or two, and he doesn’t mind the lessons.
Oh, for the spring, flowers blooming, love in the air and the release of Lachlan and Alyce’s book The Angel and The Highlander!

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