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Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without talk of ghosts. Whether you believe in them or not doesn’t matter… ghosts always make for a good story. Around Halloween when I was young a bunch of us kids would gather in a huddle on images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ5bE30J9qqwc2m i2M865Xorjlnh9jJhrNiD9m8hN0O 0Zsi0yOwwhose ever front stoop was available and tell ghost stories.

We’d scare the bejesus out of one another especially when the old dilapidated house up the street was used as the setting for the ghost story. Yes, there actually was an old dilapidated house up the street. It sat back from the other houses on a slight rise. It was weather-beaten gray and looked in dire need of tender loving care. At night when you walked past it, a lone light could be seen, never more than a lone light and so it was a ripe setting for a ghost story.

whispers on the wind cover1It was no wonder that when I got a chance to write a ghost romance that I had such fun with it. I had the best time writing Whispers on the Wind. I let my imagination take flight and enjoyed meeting the characters that sprang to life on the pages. They often did things I didn’t expect but their actions so enriched the story.

Do I believe in ghosts and things-that-go-bump-in- the-night?  When you have a wicked imagination it’s hard not to believe that anything is possible. And ghost stories have been around for a long time. Where did the belief in ghosts start? No doubt with a storyteller. Just like I sat with friends on my stoop years ago and conjured up ghost stories to entertain, hundreds or maybe even more years ago someone else did the same.

This Halloween gather your family, huddle close and conjure your own ghost stories that can be passed down through generations along with the memories.

Until tomorrow…

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Lisa J
Lisa J
12 years ago

Whispers on the Wind is great. I was very excited when you put it out in e-book and I bought and reread it the day it came out. The characters are so likeable and the story is perfect for them.

I’m looking forward to the rest of your backlist coming out in e-format.

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