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Donna's Book Alerts 2015

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQYy89vSsAQckY0xVo2IWhat’s new about my Book Alerts in 2015?

You will not only be alerted to when I have new releases, but you will also receive excerpts of forthcoming books and get to see covers before they’re posted to my blog. So if you haven’t subscribed to my Book Alerts yet, don’t wait another minute. You don’t want to miss getting the first peek at the cover of Highlander’s True Love, A Cree & Dawn Short Story and also get to read an excerpt (coming soon).

To subscribe just go to top of the page where it says subscribe to Donna’s Book Alerts and add your email address to the subscribe box. That’s it. Then you won’t miss a thing!

Those who have already subscribed don’t have to do a thing. You will automatically receive the new alerts!

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Sandra Parrott
Sandra Parrott
9 years ago

I really have enjoyed reading the story of the Maccinnes sisters. I can hardly wait until the last one come out for the end. I have read a lot of your books and each is always hard to put down.

Sandra Parrott

9 years ago

Hi I was wondering when highlanders rebellious love was coming out in print

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