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Cover reveals coming soon!

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT4YJGkt5teAwtK ZU GNy6wXj3ZYRGjun4YTkkfulfbQEcz 8jEgAny day now look for the cover reveal and brief excerpt of Highlander’s True Love A Cree & Dawn Short Story and at the end of the month the cover reveal and brief excerpt of Highlander: The Dark Dragon, third and final book in the Macinnes Sisters Trilogy.

So excited to reveal both!

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9 years ago

Just got your email about Cree and Dawn’s story. I am so excited, it was way to short of an tease.

Thank you!

Linda Morris
Linda Morris
9 years ago

I LOVE Cree and Dawn and my heart actually broke at the end of this excerpt. For Dawn to hear Cree make that remark….well I’m devastated too… Please fix Dawns’ breaking heart. I love them so.

9 years ago

Hi I was wondering when highlanders rebellious love was coming out in print

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