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Difficult times!

This is a difficult time for sure, the COVID 19 virus keeping us housebound.

I remember when I was young complaining to my grandmother that I was bored. Her response was find something to do: clean, sew, knit, cook, bake, to her there had been endless choices. My grandmother taught me a lesson in how not to be bored. And today we have far more endless choices to keep us busy thanks to the Internet.

I keep busy with my writing, getting my garden ready for planting, and my containers ready for a deluge of flowers and herbs.  I love cooking with fresh herbs. chives are a favorite of mine. I add them to many dishes. A quick step out on my deck and a snip or two and I have what I need.

If you’ve never tried herbs or if you’re familiar with them have a look at at 11 Herbs Every Cook Should Use. I grow a good many of them and enjoy them well into the warm fall months.

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The large pot in the pic holds my regular chives and the smaller pot are my onion chives. They’re growing beautifully thanks to the nice weather.

I hope you’re staying well and safe. If you have a moment leave a comment and let me know what you’re up to. 


P.S. Royden and Oria’s story, Pledged to a Highlander, is coming along nicely! 

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Nancy Nesselroad
Nancy Nesselroad
4 years ago

Hi Donna, I always love reading your blog, It’s so interesting. It’s been to cold here to do much of anything. We have a nicer day today. I have a friend of mine who also uses fresh herbs. It’s something that she and her son do together.
Can’t wait for Royden and Oria’s story. I need to make sure that I can get it when it goes on sale and I get it on my Amazon Kindle.
I sure hope all is well with you, and that You are staying safe.

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