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Celtic historical romances


To Write or Not To Write

I love writing romance. So why is it that I find other things that must suddenly be done before I get my butt in the chair to write? And why is it that once I am writing I don't want to stop? It's sought of a catch 22 situation, or damned if I do and damned if I don't. An…

Sneak Peek

If you'd like to take a sneak peek read of the third book in the Sinclare brothers' series, The Angel and The Highlander, then pop on over to Avon's Love Gives Back. And after you're done getting a taste of Lachlan, you can read Return of the Rogue in its entirety there, though time is limited, so don't waste a…

Romance Books & The Recession

It seems that romance books are experiencing "recession-busting sales" according to a Canadian article. People want to feel good and what better way than to read a book with a guaranteed happy ending. But romance books are so much more than simply a happy ending. It takes good characterization, a range of emotions and a strong plot to get to…

Scottish Heather

During my writing session today I wrote about my heroine who stops to collect sprigs of heather. I often recall my trip to Scotland when I'm writing my Celtic historical romances. And one of the most memorable sights was the endless sea of heather that carpeted the hillsides. Heather is often referred to, and most appropriately, in the Scottish Highlands…

Highlander's Forbidden Bride

Ronan's book has a title... Highlander's Forbidden Bride. A very fitting title for his tale and the last book in the Sinclare brothers series. I can't believe I'm about to start the edits on Ronan's book. It brings me that much closer to it being finished and me saying good-bye to the Sinclares. I have so enjoyed sharing their lives.I…