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Busy in the garden!

20220506 111417When the rain finally stopped here in Jersey, I got busy in the garden. It feels wonderful being outside in the sunshine planting. It helps clear my head which in turn helps my creativity flow more easily. It is especially helpful when I’m working on more than one writing project at a time, which I’m normally doing anyway.

My lemon thyme, oregano, lemon balm have sprouted again this year and are doing well. I added two dill plants because I do enjoy dill. Mint went in a separate planter since it takes over wherever planted, and my garlic chives have outrageous growth. Love adding them to just about anything.

Today my veggies go in, tomatoes naturally, from tiny to large, peppers, different colors, cucumbers, squash, garlic, hot peppers, loved to stuff them, and my spinach is already planted. Then there are my flowers pots. I have them all over the backyard. I will share some pics as they bloom

Time to get back outside. Had some rain this morning and the clouds linger, but no more rain is forecast, so I’m headed back out to dig, plant, and mulch and tonight… I’ll write.

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