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Bryce MacAlpin blogs about witches in the highlands…

There is fear and awe of witches in the Scottish Highlands. It is know that they exist. No one would dare dispute that.  No one would dare take a chance. Whether the old women wise in the way of the woods, knowing the roots and plants that heal or bring suffering, or those with a knowing that can see the future, witches are an intricate part of the Highlands.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSqjcsqKPKq0O5ewM24WUJ5a NqieXnBGmgkdZje5NGRjZk2uSSaQ

I would advise that witches be respected for they far surpass the common man in knowledge. I have heard they speak to the trees and the trees speak back. They talk with the plants and roots to learn their properties. And the animals do not fear them for they see to their care.

I know of witches that cause havoc with curses, my brother Reeve’s wife having suffered from such a cursed spell. And only through willpower and help from a good witch was the spell banished.

But it is the power of the Pict witches that I admire the most and do not fear for I know one such witch who has helped our family though no one calls her… witch. She helped save my brother Trey’s life when we thought all was lost.

Bliss is her name and she heals and sees things others do not. Most would consider her a witch, I consider her a friend. And if she ever needs help the MacAlpin brothers will be there for her. A witch once predicted Trey’s future telling him that he would suffer an attack and when he opened his eyes he would glance upon the woman who would be his wife. He was attacked and he did gaze upon a woman… he gazed upon Bliss.

I often wonder if my brother Trey will wed a witch.

So beware and respectful of witches for there are good and evil ones among them and you do not want to bring their ire down upon you.

 * * *

 Tomorrow Halloween Magic continues with Part I of my four part short story… The Devil’s Den… staring the Wyrrd witches.

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virginia porcelli
virginia porcelli
12 years ago

when is this book do out? also the 4th one when or about when

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