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Walk in the Woods

It such a beautiful day here in New Jersey that I went for an early morning walk in the woods. A solitary walk in nature helps clear the mind and fills me with contentment. After awhile I find a stump or log to sit on and watch the bustle of animals, (the squirrels really do entertain), listen to the lovely…

Life is Like a Novel

I believe life is like a novel. You have no idea what the next chapter will bring.I was unexpectedly called to babysit my granddaughter, who is almost three years old, for a few days. I love spending time with her. Young children have the most wonderful imaginations. My granddaughter and I shared delicious teas, wore fancy hats, danced, decked ourselves…

Duck in Tree

Yesterday a duck landed in a tree branch outside my window. I stared at him since I didn't believe ducks perched in trees, I thought they stuck strictly to water and land. But there the duck sat on the branch, though none too comfortably. His webbed feet had difficulty keeping steady.I called some friends and asked, "Do ducks sit in…

The Power of Words

Think of a favorite book of yours and how when you began to read it the words enticed, so you kept reading until the words simply captivated you and you couldn't put the book down. Now that's power.Skillfully chosen words bring characters and places alive in your mind. In Return of the Rogue Cavan finds himself married upon his return…

My Son Marc's Comic

Go to and check out the second issue of my son Marc's comic book Adam Zero The Last Man of Earth #2. I've had the privilege and enjoyment of watching his comic books come to life. It's truly a joint effort among writer and artists.Also, I love the mini adventure of Marshal Tyme in the back of Adam Zero…