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The Power of Words

Think of a favorite book of yours and how when you began to read it the words enticed, so you kept reading until the words simply captivated you and you couldn’t put the book down. Now that’s power.
Skillfully chosen words bring characters and places alive in your mind. In Return of the Rogue Cavan finds himself married upon his return home after a year’s forced absence…
Cavan didn’t want to think about his wife again. He still couldn’t believe himself married, and to the woman he had once rejected, and for good reasons. However, none of that mattered now; she was his though he felt like no husband.
You see Cavan’s battle to accept the inevitable, but his last thought let’s the reader know he still intends to object in his own way… through his feelings.
Of course then you want to know how will he ever get past this? So you keep reading.
Words have power, but remember, it’s the way we use words that give them power. So use your words wisely!

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