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Backyard Reading Delayed!

20220704 194936In my last post I mentioned how I was going to enjoy some leisure time in the backyard reading. Unfortunately, that has been disrupted with something I knew I would eventually have to address but I thought I had at least a couple of years before it was necessary. It’s now necessary. My beautiful silver maple tree in the backyard has to be to taken down and I’m heartbroken over it. 

The tree has been weakened because of the unfortunate way it had been topped years before I bought the house. In order to keep my house and my neighbor’s house safe from possible damage the tree has to come down. Not only is the tree going but the wood deck that was built around part of the tree has rotted and collapsed in one spot. So, my quiet, peaceful retreat in the backyard is going to be anything but that this summer. 

It also means many of my flowers and bushes will need to be moved, and new places found for them. It’s not the time of the year for that so I can only hope they all survive.

Not having planned on this project has thrown my writing schedule off some. I had hoped to have In the Arms of a Highland Warrior to you by early August but it appears that it probably won’t be until late August. Pepper, the Viking & the Pillaged Grave is still set to release mid-July. And I’m shifting around some other projects I’m working on as well. 

There is little that stops me from writing. I always manage to sneak writing time in when necessary, and I will do so now as well. But I am going to have a far busier summer than expected or planned for, but who knows maybe somewhere in it all I’ll get a germ of a story out of it.

Stayed tuned for more updates!



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1 year ago

Awe such a beautiful tree!

Cathy Henderson
Cathy Henderson
1 year ago

So sorry about your tree! I love your recipes in your news letter. I always find something to try.

1 year ago

So sorry you have to deal with this now. Don’t forget to take a break, read a good book and do not over tax yourself! I am rereading a few of your books and as always they bring me laughter and comfort! Hugs 🤗

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