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Back To Work!

download 1My time off for the holidays is done. I am back to work. You might wonder why I didn’t wait until after New Year’s Day to return to writing and the answer would be… I missed my characters and their stories. I was eager to get back to them all.

Here’s an update to what I’m working on. I am in the thick of things with Highland Hearts A Cree & Dawn Novella. Cree doesn’t like the young artist who arrived at their home showing interest in Dawn but he’s excited abut the move to the new castle, Dawn not so much. Memorable moments are difficult to leave behind. Also I’m having a map done of the area where the new castle and village are situated and as long as we don’t run into any problems it will be included in the Highland Hearts novella. And I cannot forget book 3 in the Myth Trilogy, The Legendary Highlander. I am busy with that as well and presently it looks like a March release. Will keep you updated.

Many readers have requested that the two prequels I wrote, Highland Oaths and Highland Intrigue, be available in paperback. So, I am working to get that done. They should be available soon after the New Year. I am also putting together a book bundle. Highland Women of Courage First in a Series. It will include The Highland’s Stolen Heart, Highlander of My Heart & To Love a Highlander. It is a good way for anyone who isn’t familiar with my books to get to know me. It will be available in January. I will tell you more about it  once the cover becomes available.

I have lots more planned and you will learn about it as time goes on. For now, know I am busy writing!



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1 year ago

I’m excited you’re back to writing, and hope you had a wonderful time off. I just have a quick question. I love all your books and have read them numerous times, but I was wondering if you will be making any more audiobooks, because when I’m driving I would love to be able to listen to the books and not have to take such a long break from a story. Thank you and have a great holiday and New Year.

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