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The Legendary Highlander

Book 3: Highland Myths Trilogy

About the Book

Lord Varrick is a legendary Highlander who has well-earned the myth centered around him. He is known for his endless victories in battle, his fearless skill as a warrior, and his soulless nature. He rules over a heavily forested area in the north and rumors spread that he commands an army of the dead and that no one passes through his land without his permission, or they chance battling his ethereal warriors. Truth or tale? No one knows and no one takes the chance of finding out.

Fia is a healer from a long line of healers. She is eager to learn all she can so she can help the ill, though more importantly prevent illness if possible. Her grandmother warned her to be careful that there were those who would misjudge her and threaten her life. A fair warning indeed, for she has met such a fate and is now in the hands of the legendary Highlander. But not the way she thought she would be… she is forced to wed him.

Lord Varrick refuses to tell her what he wants with her, and she fears that once he has what he wants her fate will be sealed, and he will see her dead, ending their marriage and being rid of her. How to prevent such a fate is the challenge she faces. He does not hold her prisoner but has warned her of the consequences if she should run from him and it is not something she wishes to chance.

When she learns what she is there for, she uses all her skills and learned knowledge to succeed and win her freedom. But is it freedom she truly wants from the Legendary Highlander? Or does she see in him something that no one else can see… that he is a man who desperately needs to know love.

As danger lurks at every turn and hidden secrets are revealed, Fia must navigate a treacherous path to save not only herself but to help the enigmatic Lord Varrick unlock his heart and learn to love.

Note: While this trilogy does not need to be read in sequence, each book a standalone, Fia and other characters from Highland Myth Trilogy were first introduced in Highland Secrets A Cree & Dawn Novel… a prelude of sorts to their individual stories.

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The Details

Published: April 19, 2023
Publisher: Donna Fletcher
Formats: EbookPaperback

Genres & Tropes
Highland Historical Romance, Scottish Historical Romance, Historical Romance Mystery, Historical Romance Intrigue

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