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The Highland Warlord’s Kiss

Book 2: Highland Myths Trilogy

About the Book

Some say the Isle of Outerson was once part of the mainland when one day the hands of a giant tore it free and set it adrift where it settled in a large loch. According to the myth the giant continued to reside there protecting the isle and the clan who inhabited it, the fierce Clan Norham. There is one problem though, the giant haunts the keep.

Lord Torin is the present-day lord, and he needs a wife. He isn’t particularly interested in marriage, but he has a duty to his clan. He wants a wife who is pleasing to the eye, obeys his word, and holds her tongue. He will not abide a chatty wife. So, when he accidentally comes across Flora of Clan Strathearn, who barely utters a word, he believes he has found the perfect wife and proposes a marriage arrangement that is quickly accepted.

Flora cannot believe that she barely arrives at her uncle’s home in the Highlands when he weds her to a complete stranger. She had never wanted to come to the Highlands but with her parents’ death she had no choice. She also has little to say, literally, since an illness has robbed her of all but a whispery voice that continues to heal. Normally, she loves to converse, to challenge opinions, to gain knowledge as her academic father has taught her. How she will ever survive the highlands, let alone her marriage she does not know.

Then, of course, there is the ghost which Flora believes does not exist and sets out to prove it.

Obstacles abound, challenges faced, and when Flora is given a chance to leave the isle and dissolve the marriage, does she take it? Or will Torin finally admit he loves her and refuse to let her go? Or will the ghost decide their fate?

Note: While this trilogy does not need to be read in sequence, each book a standalone, Flora and other characters from Highland Myth Trilogy were first introduced in Highland Secrets A Cree & Dawn Novel… a prelude of sorts to their individual stories.

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The Details

Published: October 31, 2022
Publisher: Donna Fletcher
Formats: EbookPaperback

Genres & Tropes
Highland Historical Romance, Scottish Historical Romance, Historical Romance Mystery, Historical Romance Intrigue

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