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Writing Addict

Sometimes I think I’m a writing addict. I bury myself in more than one book project and I don’t come up for air. To make matters worse, I’m already on deadline for a book. That doesn’t matter though, when a book begins to haunt me I need to write. Many times I write a whole first chapter of a book I know nothing about. By the time I’m done, the whole story comes to me and I know where I’m going with it.
The Sinclare brothers series was a challenge since the four brothers kept invading my mind, each wanting their story told. Return Of The Rogue wasn’t done when Artair’s story, Under The Highlander’s Spell, began to take form, and Lachlan challenged me with his charm to find him a wife. Ronan, however, mystifies me. He leaves clues, nudges and suggests that he’s not quite ready to return home. Why? He tells me he’ll let me know… just keep writing.
How can I not? I’m a writing addict for sure!
P.S. Under The Highlander’s Spell will be in bookstores in October.

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12 years ago

Writing a book sounds like more work than fun. I thought about writing but it seems like just taking on a job. Yet as I’m disabled sometimes I wonder if it is something I could do as I love to write and encourage people. God Bless.

Donna Fletcher
Donna Fletcher
12 years ago

Since you love writng, as I do, it’s more fun than work. You might want to start by keeping a journal. Just jot down your thoughts or ideas. You’ll be surprised where it takes you.
Along the way you’ll probably find you’re encouraging yourself and inspiring others. So go for it and good luck!