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Writing Goals for 2017

downloadNew Year, new goals. I always set the bar high when thinking of the writing projects I’d like to tackle for the year. I try to consider the time needed for each and there’s always what life throws at you, the unexpected, and of course there’s also life besides writing to think about. I’m pretty much a solitary person. I really enjoy my alone time, but I also enjoy my time spent with family and friends.

So taking all that into consideration, here’s my writing goals for 2017!

donnafletcher_thekinghisqueen_2001 — The third book in the Pict King Series, The King & His Queen (Feb. release date)

2 — First book in my new trilogy… Highland Warriors. (More on this trilogy coming soon)

3 — My Highlander A Cree & Dawn Novel

4 — Diablo’s Angel  (This is a must since I have kept so many of you waiting much too long for this one.)

5 — Second book in my new trilogy… Highlander Warriors.

6 — Don’t know if I can get to this but I have a fun romantic mystery series I’m working on. I would love to make the first couple of books available this year. You may not read mysteries but this one has a Highlander in it so you never know, you might like it.

7 — There is always a hero/ heroine who pops up when I least expect it and wants his/her story told, so I’m leaving a space open just in case.

I don’t have release dates for any of them except The King & His Queen, which will be some time in February. Will keep you posted on release dates as I schedule.

Let me know which ones you’re most excited about.

I’m looking forward to a productive and fun year of writing and enjoying life in general.


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16 Comments on "Writing Goals for 2017"

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Of course Dawn and Creek is what I can’t wait for.
But also the King Talon’so story, looks like he has met his match.

So excited. Love your books!

Helen McKenna

Hello Donna
I am excited with what you have planned for 2017. Will be ready and waiting.


King Talon’s book is what I’m most excited about, although I think Diablo’s Angel sounds very intriguing and anything you write about Highlanders is gold!


You had me when you said the word “Highlander”. I look forward to reading them all. As for the King and his Queen I hope it releases in early February.


I love love your work. Please keep them coming. Yes I cannot wait for king Talon finally meeting his match. How about Sloan from Cree and Dawn finding love. Thank you for keeping us entertained Donna


Hi Donna I have read Dawn & Cree loads of times can you find a love for slogan look forward to reading your new books this year keep up the good work


Looking forward to Cree and Dawn. Love them! I agree that a story with Sloan would be perfect.


Can’t wait for all of them!! I have read and re-read all your books,I just love anything you write so keep it up!!


Hey Donna! I am really interested in Cree and Dawn. I just love them. Also can’t wait to read your new series!

Julieann Pappert

Can’t wait for ANYTHING you write!! always good, always something to look forward to! only problem is…… Read ’em too fast!! keep them coming especially with realistic heroines and heroes!

Sharon K Roush

I am so anxious for The king book, but also for your new highlander series


Diablo!! Must see what made him and the one who can tame him!!