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Update on Blood & Honor Highland Trilogy!

BookBrushImage 2023 6 6 15 5057It isn’t always easy coming up with book titles or titles for my trilogies. An author doesn’t want to use titles that have already been used, though sometimes it does happen. Two books are released at similar times with the same title or a title releases and you realize your book that will release in a few months have the same title but you are already invested in the title and can’t change it.

Still, you try like heck to come up with an original title and after some research, hope all goes well.

So, I am pleased to announce the titles of the three books in my Blood & Honor Highland Trilogy.

Book one… The Scarred Highlander

Book two… The Fierce Highlander

Book three… Highlander the Conqueror 

I have been in touch with my book cover designer and she will soon be working on them. Once the book covers are done, I will post them on my website.

I am excited to bring you this trilogy and introduce you to very three different sisters and the heroes who fall in love with them.

There is a story arc that follows through the three books so this trilogy will be better read in order. So far, the release date for book one looks to be around late August.

Watch for more updates!



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29 days ago

Donna, I love all your book series but I wish the film would make a movie or better yet a tv series about Cree and Dawn. It would be a Cinderella story.

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