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Update Highlander's Promise A Cree & Dawn Short Story

      Highlander’s Promise may be available sooner than I thought.

Look for news coming any day now!


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5 Comments on "Update Highlander’s Promise A Cree & Dawn Short Story"

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Kimi Court

I love your books and cannot wait for more Cree and Dawn


Donna fletcher I just want to thank you again for another great book.If you write 50 more books of Cree and dawn I will read them. I have read I believe almost all of your books and just wanted to thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. Thank you your biggest fan tammy


Thank you so much!!!! I love all your novels especially Cree and Dawn. Please continue to write more about their love story. I usually don’t write comments but I thought you should know that I love and appreciate all your hard work. CREE and DAWN forever!!!