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Update... Embraced By A Highlander!


As long as my schedule holds

Embraced By A Highlander will

be available late November,

probably after Thanksgiving.






In the meantime, if you haven’t read

To Love A Highlander,

first book in my Highland Warriors Trilogy,

grab it now!

Kindle, itunesKoboNook

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beverly baskette
beverly baskette
3 years ago

can hardly wait for it to come out couldn’t put down to love a highlander.

3 years ago

I really can’t remember which book of yours I read very first book that I read, I have the Legendary Warrior, and the Dark Warrior. Both really terrific books.

I was just reading what you have on the Embraced By The Highlander. I am totally spelled bound by this book, and can’t wait to get it to read all the way through. It had my heart beating so fast. Yea!!!! I just know something great is going to happen as Hanna gets further into the keep!!!