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Time flies...

It’s said when you’re enjoying yourself time flies, well I can attest to that. I am so enjoying Raven and Wolf’s story. She’s completely different from Oria and Purity, but then she had to hide away for five years, away from her loving family and friends. And I bet you’re wondering how she did that. 

I’m sending out the first chapter either late November or early December to my newsletter subscribers and you’ll find out some of what happened to her. So if you haven’t subscribed hurry and sign up so you don’t miss out. 

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading the comments you leave and also hearing from so many of you after I send out my brief note to subscribers every few weeks that always includes a joke. I enjoy getting to know you and making friends around the world. Your responses mean the world to me.

My next trilogy, Highland Intrigue, is taking shape and it will start with a prequel like the last trilogy did. You’ll learn more about it soon.

Love and hugs to all!


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Carla Derrick
Carla Derrick
11 months ago

I am so excited for Wolf and Ravens story and learning about the new trilogy.