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Lords of Ireland Book Bundle


I’m thrilled to be in a book bundle with some extremely talented authors: Kathryn Le Veque, Christi Caldwell, Eliza Knight, Anna Markland and  Kimberly Cates!

Six full length romance novels set in the Emerald Isle!  Lords of Ireland can be pre-ordered now at Amazon for only $.99. It releases March 1.

My contribution and a favorite of mine…

The Irish Devil!

lords of ireland full 3 d high res

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Jo Ann
Jo Ann
5 years ago

I just finished The Irish Devil. Was Colin’s story ever written. Did The Devil ever find a wife for Colin?

Patty Hager
Patty Hager
4 years ago

How do you get this bundle again? I didn’t get to finish the 1st story in the bundle.