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The Adventures of a Romance Writer

tired womanAdventures of a romance writer…I realized at 3am this morning that my characters control my sleep. The hero, I’m presently involved with (ohhh that sounds romantic, I should be so lucky) woke me to let me know he wasn’t pleased with the last scene I wrote about him.

One other time a hero wouldn’t let me get any sleep (another I should be so lucky moment) until I changed a chapter I had just finished. He did not like what I did with his character, insisted he would never, ever act that way.

Then there was the heroine who, at 6am, decided it wasn’t working between her and the hero (copious tears shed until we worked it out). And let’s not forget the new heroes and heroines who pop up and insist on waking me out of a sound sleep to tell me their stories. (I do have a lot of people in my bed. No wonder I never get any sleep.)

Back to my present hero, who insists he will not leave my side until I get that scene right even if it takes all day (another I should be so lucky moment). 🙂

Ahhh the adventures of a romance writer…to be continued!

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Judith Bates
Judith Bates
7 years ago

Interested in free book????

Bonnie Honaker
Bonnie Honaker
7 years ago

look forward to reading these books

Maria Fazzolari
Maria Fazzolari
7 years ago

Hi Donna just wondering about Diablo’s Angle when is it coming out & the Kings Warrior can not wait i am sooooooo excited Regards. Maria

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