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Scottish Historical romance


Bryce MacAlpin blogs about witches in the highlands…

There is fear and awe of witches in the Scottish Highlands. It is know that they exist. No one would dare dispute that.  No one would dare take a chance. Whether the old women wise in the way of the woods, knowing the roots and plants that heal or bring suffering, or those with a knowing that can see the…

Highlander Dreams

My Highlanders are jealous over me spending time with my witches so wouldn't you know they invaded my dreams last night. Three powerful Highlanders introduced themselves and told me which Macinnes sister, in the Macinnes Sisters Trilogy, they were interested in. One was adamant about why he was better suited for Patience, the middle sister of the three, than the…

Heroines Wearing Pants

I just got the final edits for Bryce’s book, A Warrior’s Promise, third book in the Warrior King series. I had tons of fun writing that one. I love the heroine, Charlotte. It takes gumption to dress like a lad and go off on her own to rescue her father, but then it’s her love for him that drives her.…

Website Redesign

    In the middle of a redesign. I want to make sure that all the info about all my books are available to you at your fingertips. And that I keep you updated on everything.  So please bear with us as my website redesign takes shape. Comments are always welcome. You all know how much I love hearing from…