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Highlander's Captive Now Available!






There is a brief delay in the print editions for all three books, but they all will be available in print sometime this week.

Hope you enjoy! I loved, absolutely loved, writing this trilogy!

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9 years ago

OMG, just finished and I LOVED it.

Laura Myers
Laura Myers
9 years ago

Just finished Highlander’s Captive I loved it. I hope you write about Sloan. You made the wait worth while. Please keep writing more stories like this.

Brandi Shearer
Brandi Shearer
9 years ago

Still waiting for this to be in Print. PLEASE HURRY!!

Valerie Barton
Valerie Barton
9 years ago

I loved this book too & it was worth the wait. I would love to read a story about Sloan especially since he made a big deal about him never falling in love. Plus he got a bit wigged out when the old woman told him a little bit about his future. I can see Cree giving him a hard time when Sloan does finally fall for someone. I am curious who she is since the old woman said she is living at the village (all this was mentioned in the second book). Of course I am impatient because I am dying to read about the Macinnes sisters too. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more books.

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