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Donna Fletcher Highlander Trilogy


Life Happens!

Life is what happens to us when we're making other plans.  Not only heard that quote often but I've experienced it various times in my life, Hurricane Sandy being one of them. I hadn't planned on moving but... life happens. That means my writing schedule has changed yet again. I'm knee deep in boxes some full and others waiting their turn. A mountain…

A little bit of this and that...

Characters can surprise you when you’re writing their story and Wintra, Cree’s sister from book three of the Highlander Trilogy, is doing just that... surprising me at every turn.  She’s a handful but she’s in for a few surprises herself. And then there’s Cree and Dawn’s wedding and the expected baby... lots going on, and what would a book be without a…

Future Release Date Changes

Things are still a bit chaotic around here in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but I’ve managed to keep writing. Unfortunately, I've had to adjust release date schedules. Here are the changes as of now: Renegade Love... February 2013 Third book (not yet titled) in the Highlander Trilogy... early spring 2013 Highlander Unchained & Forbidden Highlander in print books... late December 2012…

Impatient Heroes

When heroes want their stories told they can be the most impatient creatures. And I have lots of heroes who want their stories told. Esteban from Renegade Love is content enough since I'm working diligently on his book. But the Macinnes sisters heroes are growing more and more impatient, just not moving fast enough for those warriors. They're filling my…

Highlander Trilogy Info

Looking for info on the Highlander Trilogy? Click here. It now has its own tab at the top of the homepage.