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Summer Reading List

I love reading anytime of the year, but summer calls for a reading list. Besides, it gives me an excuse to browse the bookstore at leisure, not that I need an excuse, but it lets me linger without guilt. I don’t cover the whole store. I roam between fiction, romance and mystery. When I have a stack of books that interest me I find a comfortable chair and glance through them all. I have to be careful not to pick too many, since I sometimes have a hard time deciding. I usually want them all. I always find several new authors and I look to catch up on my favorite authors.
Here’s my list so far. If you have any recommends, let me know.
The Hollow Nora Roberts
Twenty Wishes Debbie Macomber
The Lost Duke of Wyndham Julia Quinn
Ghost of a Chance Kate Marsh
Circle of Five Dolores Stewart Riccio
Ghost a Novel Alan Lightman
The Alchemyst The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Michael Scott

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16 years ago

What a neat list. I am particularly interested in the last one. I am going looking for it.

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