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Spring is in the air today, though it’s not official for two days. But don’t tell my flower pots, buds have already popped through the soil eager for the warm sunshine. I can see into the small cropping of woods beyond the terrace, the stirrings of crocus and daffodils inching their way past the leaves on the ground, happy they will bloom before the trees burst full with leaves and hides their beautiful colors from me.
The birds will soon build their nests stealing bits and pieces from my flower pots, though I don’t mind the little felons since their antics are quite entertaining. As is the liveliness of the squirrels that race up and down the trees playfully after each other, though get down to business when it’s nest-building time.
The plump groundhogs surprise me with their speed and busyness. And the chipmunks are a delight to watch. While I agree hawks are beautiful, I prefer them to stay away from my little woods and dine elsewhere. Sometimes I need to convince them with the wave of a broomstick in their direction, if they’re perched on a nearby branch.
What else grows and blooms in the spring? Why love of course, and it doesn’t matter if it is a new love or renewing love. The wondrous feeling flits in the air bouncing along with no regard to destination. When it hits you, you know it. There’s just no denying it. Your smile is wider, your step lighter and your days brighter.
So be on the lookout. You can never tell when love is going to flit around and land on you.
Happy spring!

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