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Schedules... they never work!

I set a schedule for my writing. So many pages by the end of the week. What books to work on and, of course, I need time for the business end of writing. I am always full of determination to stick to my schedule and make sure I meet every deadline I set for myself.

However, my existing characters have different ideas, not to mention the new characters that pop into my head and refuse to leave until I at least jot down some notes on them. Then there are the characters in the queue, waiting their turn non too patiently. They keep showing me snippets of their story and, of course, I can’t ignore them. I have to grab my notebook and get busy.

My Highlander by Donna FletcherCree is one such character. He constantly bombards me with scenes. I have to stop doing everything and write them down. Can’t leave it to memory or it might just float away never to return. But then I love Cree & Dawn and I can’t say I mind hearing from them.

For those of you who mentioned giving Dawn a service dog, of sorts, look for him in My Highlander. You also don’t want to miss how Cree reacts to him since he isn’t the one who gives the dog to her.

So if you’re wondering if I meet my schedule… read the title of my blog. 1f642

That’s it for now. My writing schedule calls!

Until next time, happy reading!

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6 years ago

I can imagine how frustrating/rewarding it feels to have stories and characters you want to write about, but have other characters vying for the chance to be written. The next thing you know you have scenes for 3 different stories written out and ideas for 4 characters, meanwhile the story you aimed to focus on? No so much. Happy writing, regardless of the character who wants to say their piece!

6 years ago

I’m sooooo excited for the Demon Lord T_T

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