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Reminder... Highlander The Cursed Lord

BookBrushImage 2021 11 8 11 4238You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s newsletter! It includes a sneak peek of Highlander the Cursed Lord and the cover. So watch for it to arrive in your inbox before noon tomorrow, Nov. 9! If it’s not there check your spam folder. For some inexplicable reason, the newsletter sometimes ends up there.

I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to know what you think about the sneak peek and the cover.

I know some of you like the covers for Highland Intrigue Trilogy and some don’t, and I appreciate your feedback. I like to try different things, stir things up a bit, so you never know what you may get from me cover wise. And your feedback is always appreciated!

Here’s a snippet from Highlander The Cursed Lord…

Bliss heard the footfalls then. They were heavy and determined and coming from behind the dwelling. They drew closer and closer, sounding as if they pounded in her ears, and she wondered over his size. He had to be large to have such a heavy gait and thick perhaps, which meant he’d have strength to him. She recalled Lawler telling her that it had taken many men to capture him and return him home. That meant he was beyond strong.

Bliss’s legs grew weak once again and she braced herself as best as she could to meet her husband.

Highlander The Cursed Lord available late January 2022!

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Trish Ulyatt
Trish Ulyatt
2 years ago

I CANT WAIT. Aaaaaaawwwee. Love the first two chapters. You never disappoint. You are just so creative. Hugs back 😘

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