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Red Sandals & Highlanders

I went out early this morning to do some much-needed shopping. I was looking forward to a couple of hours away from the computer and my Highlanders. Surely, they wouldn’t have any interest in shopping. Of course they could have cared less about shopping, but leaving me in peace for a couple of hours was another thing.

I just entered the shoe department admiring a snappy pair of red sandals when Rogan, the hero from book one of the Macinnes Sisters’ trilogy popped into my head. He was adamant about changing a scene that he felt didn’t work as well as it should. He began detailing what he thought was a better scene and direction while I stood holding the red sandal in my hand and thinking that he just might have something there. Then he tells me that I should ‘make haste’ in getting the changes done.

That got Cree, hero from the Silent trilogy, stirred up since he’s been most insistent about me getting his books finished first, especially the scene that I intend to work on today. And I can’t really blame him since I left him in an awkward position. :)  And he’s definitely not the patient type. When he wants something he gets it, which is why his book is the one I’m presently working on.

I let them battle it out in my head and envisioning these two mighty Highlanders arguing brought a smile to my face as I tried on the red sandals. The saleswoman was pleased that I was happy with the sandals… if she only knew.

You would think that would be the end of it, but oh no! Who shows up next but Bryce MacAlpin, hero from A Warrior’s Promise, and he enters the argument since he had given me copious notes on a short story about his family and I have yet to ‘put pen to paper’. (He keeps forgetting it’s the computer age.)

Now I’m really grinning. I mean three hunky Highlanders fighting over wanting me all to themselves… dreams do come true.

Then the unexpected happened… Esteban, the hero from Renegade Love, (sequel to Untamed Fire) who Rafael called ‘a very dangerous man’ in Untamed Fire showed up. He is definitely a man to be feared. He told them rather bluntly that he has waited over twenty years for his story to finally be written and nothing, absolutely nothing, was to interfere with it getting done.

The four men then turned quiet and I went home feeling guilty, why I don’t know, maybe guilt is inbred in women, and wrote a chapter on each book and started Bryce’s short story.

Best part though… I bought the red sandals! :)

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9 years ago

Enjoyed your Warrior King Series ! Will you ever write Willow’s story (from Loved by a Warrior) ?